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Rules for rafts
and crew

All rafts must comply with the rules, these rules are in place for safety and environmental reasons.

Rules for Wattlecamp Raft Regatta

1. Materials used to construct rafts must be free of any contaminants, which may pollute the dam.

2. Any containers used in the construction of rafts must be sealed to prevent leakage of residual contents.

3. Rafts must be propelled by manual effort. No motors of any sort may be used. Mechanical devices may be used as long as the power comes from team members.

4. Any potentially dangerous parts must have suitable guards.

5. Rafts must be presented to scrutineers prior to racing.

6. Team members must not behave in a manner which could be dangerous to themselves or others.

7. All team members must wear life jackets.

8. All directives from officials must be complied with.

9. Races will be won by the first raft across the finish line, barring appeals or penalties.

10. Appeals may be lodged with judges, before the commencement of the next race.

11.Judges decissions are final.

12. All rafts must float.

Any craft not complying to the rules will not be allowed to participate in the regatta.

Any team not complying with the rules will be disqualified and barred from further competition.

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