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The area assigned to the Wattlecamp Rural Fire Brigade was formerly part of the Sandy Ridges and Booie Rural Fire Districts.

A meeting of residents and representatives of the Rural Fire Service was held in October 1997 to discuss the possibility of forming our own brigade. This was thought necessary as the Wattlecamp area was growing in population and the brigades servicing the area would be stretched to respond to a call.

At this meeting the Wattlecamp Rural Fire Brigade was created, and the following officers and office bearers were elected

  • First Officer, Ron White

  • Second Officer, Wally Kane

  • Third Officer, Brian Greenwood

  • Fourth Officer, Kevin Verness

  • Chairperson, Kerry Kane

  • Secretary/Treasurer, Ron Janson
  • Chairperson, Kerry Kane

  • Secretary/Treasurer, Ron Janson

  • Maintenance Officer, Barry Thurtell

The newly formed brigade was given a fire truck by Sandy Ridges Rural Fire Brigade, a J2 Bedford. This Truck served well until 2000, when it had to be decommisioned due to it's age.

We were given an ex-urban F250 Ford by Kingaroy Urban Fire Brigade in 1999. This truck needed some modification to enable it to operate as a rural fire unit. This work was carried out by members of the brigade. Although this is a much newer truck it is due to be decommissioned in 2002.

The brigade has been able to purchase a new Canter Medium Attack Vehicle through the efforts of members at various fund raising activities and with the help of the Gaming Fund.

The Rural Fire Service acquired some land from the Department of Natural Rescources for the erection of a fire shed for the WRFB. This was finalised in May 2001, and work on the fire shed was commenced. The shed is almost completed with only minor fitting out and cleaning up of the land remaining. The erection of the shed was made possible by the fundraising efforts of brigade members and contributions from the gaming benefits fund.

Since the formation of the brigade, some of the officers have retired, and some new possitions have been created, first aid officer, training officer and an extra maintenance officer.

Present extra maintenance officer.

Present office bearers

  • First Officer, Steve Lancaster

  • Second Officer, Heath Grimmer

  • Chairperson, Ken Dancy

  • Secretary, Kay Jensen

  • Treasurer, Nicola Lancaster

  • First Aid Officer, Heath Grimmer

  • Maintenance Officer, Anthony Vandervilt

  • Maintenance Officer, Steve Lancaster

  • Training Officer, Chris Hall

All brigade members are required to undertake level one rural fire training, some members have also trained to level two, and officers and some other members have completed ICS training.